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If you don't find something you like, we also do custom designs or you can submit your own artwork!

Wholesale craft supplies: T-shirt Designs, Tote Bags, Pillow Cases to Decorate

Take a look at the wide variety of fun craft designs available for your group, business, summer camp, or church. These ready-to-color seasonal and themed designs can be personalized to your needs and have your name added for branding or promotional purposes!

You can even provide us with your own original art, which we can print on T-shirts, tote bags, bandanas, headwraps, and pillowcases. We're always adding new art, based on customer suggestions and popular trends, so visit our site again in a few weeks to check out the new designs we're offering to clubs, churches, businesses, summer camps, and parents looking for fun things to do at a birthday party -- or just cute and easy craft ideas for children.

Whether you're interested in 4th of July craft ideas, Christmas craft ideas, or other holiday craft ideas, we carry the wholesale craft supplies you need for creating T-shirt crafts, totebag coloring projects, or pillowcase decorating activities for children. Check out our growing selection of popular design themes, including sports-themed crafts, summer camp, rock and roll, Easter, Halloween, peace and love, and recycling. We also have t-shirt designs, tote bag coloring designs, pillow case art, and backpack designs that include sayings, such as "Girl Power", "Wild West", and "Girls Wanna Have Fun". For more cute and easy craft ideas for your group, business, or organization, browse through the dozens of themes and design possibilities choices  below.

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View: Having a Blast (Camp)

Having a Blast (Camp)

Catalog Number:191

View: Let it Snow

Let it Snow

Catalog Number:434

View: Sun Mandala

Sun Mandala

Catalog Number:227

View: Camping Bear RV

Camping Bear RV

Catalog Number:333RV

View: Camping Bear Tent

Camping Bear Tent

Catalog Number:333T

View: Keep Calm and Camp On

Keep Calm and Camp On

Catalog Number:207

View: Keep Calm Party

Keep Calm Party

Catalog Number:209

View: Keep Calm Play

Keep Calm Play

Catalog Number:208

View: Keepin it Real

Keepin it Real

Catalog Number:221

View: Pajama Party

Pajama Party

Catalog Number:157

View: Peace Love and Happiness

Peace Love and Happiness

Catalog Number:124

View: Peace Love Gymnastics

Peace Love Gymnastics

Catalog Number:203

View: S'more Fun

S'more Fun

Catalog Number:242

View: Scrabble Camp

Scrabble Camp

Catalog Number:338

View: Take it Outside

Take it Outside

Catalog Number:225

View: What Happens

What Happens

Catalog Number:223

View: Beach and Sand

Beach and Sand

Catalog Number:305

View: Camp Fun

Camp Fun

Catalog Number:435

View: camp Fun

camp Fun

Catalog Number:202

View: Camp Sign

Camp Sign

Catalog Number:330

View: Epic Faith Grafitti

Epic Faith Grafitti

Catalog Number:595

View: Girls Play Strong

Girls Play Strong

Catalog Number:204

View: Happy Camping

Happy Camping

Catalog Number:232

View: Let's Rock

Let's Rock

Catalog Number:168

Showing 1 to 24 of 125 items.  Page: 1 3 4 5 6