Christmas Art Activities

Christmas Art Activities add to the Fun of the Holidays

In addition to the excitement of presents under the tree, holiday parties, and time off from school, another reason children look forward to the end of December is the fun of creating Christmas crafts. Kids of almost any age enjoy Christmas art activities, and in many cases can even use them as holiday gifts, Christmas tree ornaments, or coasters for holiday drinks.

A cost-effective and fun craft activity for a children’s party, Girl Scout meeting, or an after school program is creating wearable art. The ingredients for this Christmas art activity are an ample supply of Colortime non-toxic fabric markers and enough Christmas-themed T-shirts, Christmas tote bags, or pillowcases for all the children in the group. Other pre-designed fabric items available for coloring fun include backpacks and bandanas. The added benefit of Christmas art activities involving supplies from Colortime is that it’s not only fun to color the shirts, tote bags, or pillowcases, but they can also be given as gifts, worn, or used to carry books, toys, or snacks.

Christmas Arts and Crafts Ideas Come in Many Forms

Other fun Christmas art activities to keep kids busy, entertained, and engaged include making children’s Xmas cards, bookmarks, ‘Happy Holidays’ posters, and miniature Styrofoam snowmen, women, and families. Christmas arts and crafts can also be created using supplies, such as pine cones, glitter and glue, and other decorations that can be purchased at a craft store. Some other fun arts and crafts ideas for Christmas are bird houses, book ends, photo frames, pencil cups, TV remote-control caddies, calendars, and decorative tissue box holders.

Ideas for creative Christmas art activities can come from a lot of sources, such as web sites, other parents or teachers, parenting magazines, and a trip to your local craft store. Painting clay flower pots with a Christmas or a more generic seasonal theme is also another easy and inexpensive Christmas art activity that both kids and grownups will enjoy doing together. When you sit down and really down some creative brainstorming, you’d be amazed at how many fun Christmas arts and crafts activities you can come up with, many of which have the makings of a great family bonding activity.

If t-shirt and tote bag coloring is one of the Christmas art activities you’re considering, don’t forget an ample supply of Colortime’s non-toxic, long lasting fabric markers. They can be purchased individually or in convenient boxes of six brightly colored or fluorescent markers. Our t-shirts, tote bags, backpacks, bandanas, and pillowcases are pre-designed in a variety of Christmas designs, as well as other seasonal and holiday themes. If you're looking for Chanukah craft projects, ready-to-color backpacks, tote bags are also available.


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