New Designs


 If you don't find something you like, we also do custom designs or you can submit your own artwork!

We're always creating new and unique art designs for our ready-to-color t-shirts, backpacks, tote bags, and pillow cases. Last year's creations included several environment friendly designs, Easter patterns, and cool camp t-shirts. Don't forget to browse our entire catalog.

Call Colortime at (800) 500-0770 for Wholesale Prices & Ordering Information or email us!

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View: Let's Rock

Let's Rock

Catalog Number:168

View: Party Rock

Party Rock

Catalog Number:122

View: Peace Love Sunshine

Peace Love Sunshine

Catalog Number:154

View: Your Camp Plays Strong

Your Camp Plays Strong

Catalog Number:204 Camp

View: Earth Laughs

Earth Laughs

Catalog Number:418

View: Let it Snow

Let it Snow

Catalog Number:434

View: The Wild West HS

The Wild West HS

Catalog Number:109

View: Christmas Santa Roof

Christmas Santa Roof

Catalog Number:428

View: Dolphin Santa

Dolphin Santa

Catalog Number:426

View: Easter Rainbow

Easter Rainbow

Catalog Number:423

View: Halloween 9

Halloween 9

Catalog Number:443

View: Haunted Halloween 7

Haunted Halloween 7

Catalog Number:442

View: Pony Ride

Pony Ride

Catalog Number:390

View: Princess


Catalog Number:462

View: Got Party

Got Party

Catalog Number:117

View: Halloween 6 Haunted House

Halloween 6 Haunted House

Catalog Number:441

View: Girls Rock

Girls Rock

Catalog Number:128

View: Candy Dreams

Candy Dreams

Catalog Number:155

View: Night Flight

Night Flight

Catalog Number:156

View: Got Fun - Sports

Got Fun - Sports

Catalog Number:197

View: Shema 11

Shema 11

Catalog Number:575

View: Easter 1

Easter 1

Catalog Number:Easter 1

View: Easter Goodies

Easter Goodies

Catalog Number:420

View: Spring Color

Spring Color

Catalog Number:SC

Showing 25 to 48 of 50 items.  Page: 2