If you don't find something you like, we also do custom designs or you can submit your own artwork!

Give your children VBS T Shirts and a fun kid's craft!

When planning for your next Vacation Bible School, do something different with your church t-shirts. During crafts time, let them color the design how they want it with our special fabric markers. The children will love wearing something they've colored themselves! Let their creativity take over!

We have several art designs that are a good choice for your Bible school or Sunday School class. Make a statement with the "JC" and "God Power" styles.

Call Colortime at (800) 500-0770 for Wholesale Prices & Ordering Information or email us!

View: Epic Faith Grafitti

Epic Faith Grafitti

Catalog Number:595

View: Easter Rainbow

Easter Rainbow

Catalog Number:423

View: Easter Rainbow

Easter Rainbow

Catalog Number:423

View: Shema 11

Shema 11

Catalog Number:575

View: Summer


Catalog Number:250C

View: God Power

God Power

Catalog Number:510

View: Got Faith

Got Faith

Catalog Number:590

View: JC


Catalog Number:JC

View: Jesus


Catalog Number:525

View: WWJD


Catalog Number:500