Slumber Party Ideas - Bandanas and Headwraps


Slumber Party Ideas

If you've been searching for unique slumber party ideas and fun things to do at sleepovers, here are three great idea to consider when planning a party for a pre-teenager: bandana and headwrap coloring, pillowcase coloring, and t-shirt coloring. These slumber party crafts for girls are fun to color and wear, and kids love them -- especially with themes like "girl power" and "girls rock"!  Our bandanna designs and colorful (non-toxic) fabric markers are sure to be one of the highlights of your slumber party. Check out what some of our many satisified customers have to say about our cool crafts for kids!

Finally, slumber party ideas that are fun and practical! Our 100% cotton bandanas are great to wear on camping trips, for sports, outdoor activities, or just for the fun of it! They’re not only functional, but feature cool designs and slogans that girls can relate to. No matter how big or small your sleepover group is, the girls will have a blast decorating their bandanas to express their own unique personality and individual flair!

More Slumber Party Ideas:

For other fun girl slumber party ideas and things to do at a sleepover party, check out our pillowcases, backpacks, and tee shirts. Colortime offers a variety of slumber party ideas and crafts for girls (and boys), all of which revolve around the fun concept of creating "wearable art"!


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Color these bandanas with Colortime's permanent fabric markers!

View: Dog Stuff Neckerchief

Dog Stuff Neckerchief

Catalog Number:9470

$3.25 - Dog Stuff Neckerchief coloring craft

Colortime Crafts Girls Rock Bandana

Girls Rock Bandana

Catalog Number:4128

$3.25 - Girls Rock bandana coloring craft

Colortime Crafts Hidden Treasure Headwrap

Hidden Treasures Headwrap

Catalog Number:9356

$3.25 - Hidden Treasures headwrap coloring craft

Colortime Crafts Girl Power Bandana

Girl Power Bandana

Catalog Number:4118

$3.25 - Girl Power bandana coloring craft