T-Shirt Crafts

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Design Your Own Tee Shirts for Parties, Sleepovers, Summer Camp, and Your Organization!

Your search for fun craft projects for birthday parties, sleepovers, or summer camp ends here! Whether you're scouting for things to do at a slumber party --  or birthday party ideas for kids -- our design-a-t-shirt craft activity is always a hit! Read what some of our many satisfied customers have to say about our cool crafts for kids!

If you're looking for kids t-shirt coloring ideas, you've found it! This t-shirt craft idea has a lot in common with t-shirt painting, except for three things: you get to avoid the mess, the clean up, and the endless drying time of t-shirt painting! Our high-quality fabric markers are a convenient substitute for messy paint, they're easy to use, and a breeze to put away! All of Colortime's fabric markers are non-toxic and come in an amazing variety of colors. Custom design your t-shirt designs or choose a popular pre-printed shirt design to match your summer camp's or party's theme!

If you've been surfing the Web for kids summer camp ideas for crafts, then we recommend the "Happy Camper", "Circle of Friends", the "AllStar" T-shirt design, and, of course, the Camp Survivor t-shirt.  With themes related to sports, friendship, pirates, and girl power, one can easily see how t-shirt coloring is one of those activities that's tailor-made for a kids summer camp, birthday party, or slumber party.

Tie dye or color these tees with Colortime's permanent fabric markers!

View: Girl Scouts S'more Fun Tees

Girl Scouts S'more Fun Tees

Catalog Number:1243

$5.95 - Girl Scouts S'more Fun T-Shirt Craft

View: Girls Play Strong Tee

Girls Play Strong Tee

Catalog Number:1204

$5.95 - Girls Play Strong t-shirt coloring craft

View: Love T-shirt

Love T-shirt

Catalog Number:1127

$5.95 - Love t-shirt coloring craft

View: LOVE T-Shirt Bundle

LOVE T-Shirt Bundle

Catalog Number:127B

$9.25 - LOVE t-shirt coloring craft bundle

View: Be Yourself T-shirt

Be Yourself T-shirt

Catalog Number:1119

$5.95 - Be Yourself t-shirt coloring craft

View: Party Rock T-shirt

Party Rock T-shirt

Catalog Number:1122

$5.95 - Party Rock t-shirt coloring craft

View: Peace Love and Happiness T-shirt

Peace Love and Happiness T-shirt

Catalog Number:1124

$5.95 - Peace Love and Happiness t-shirt coloring craft

View: Girl Scout Floral T-Shirt

Girl Scout Floral T-Shirt

Catalog Number:1362

$5.95 - Girl Scout Floral T-Shirt craft

Colortime Crafts Girls Rock Tshirt

Girls Rock T-Shirt

Catalog Number:1128

$5.95 - Girls Rock t-shirt coloring craft

View: Sweet Cookies T-Shirt

Sweet Cookies T-Shirt

Catalog Number:1GC75

$5.95 - Sweet Cookies T-Shirt Craft

Colortime Crafts All-Star Tshirt

Allstar T-Shirt

Catalog Number:1120

$5.95 - Allstar t-shirt coloring craft

Colortime Crafts Hidden Treasure Tshirt

Hidden Treasures T-Shirt

Catalog Number:1356

$5.95 - Hidden Treasures t-shirt coloring craft

Colortime Crafts Girl Power Tshirt

Girl Power T-Shirt

Catalog Number:1118

$5.95 - Girl Power t-shirt coloring craft

Colortime Crafts Camp Survivor Tshirt

Camp Survivor T-Shirt

Catalog Number:1235

$5.95 - Camp Survivor t-shirt coloring craft

Colortime Crafts Camping Survivor Tshirt

Camping Survivor T-Shirt

Catalog Number:1238

$5.95 - Camping Survivor t-shirt coloring craft

View: Monster Trucks T-Shirt

Monster Trucks T-Shirt

Catalog Number:1380

$5.95 - Monster Trucks t-shirt coloring craft

Colortime Crafts Got Faith Tee

Got Faith? Tee

Catalog Number:1590

$5.95 - Got Faith? t-shirt coloring craft